Matt HoekerThe imagination is an awesome thing to get lost in.

Anything can happen there, the boundaries of reality can be surpassed to unlimited degrees. Imagination goes hand in hand with creativity, fueling it, being channeled through it and expressed in that which you create.

Art can be the imagination of one made visible and tangible to others.

I have always been lost in my imagination.

Since I was a child—dreaming, pretending, writing, drawing—these were the things that thrilled me, and that is still the case to this day.

Reality is certainly not without merit, but reality can be quite pale in comparison to the realms of the creative mind.

That is why I make art—both for myself and for everyone else—to create a doorway into the vast and unending expanses of the imagination.

I still cling to the always active imagination of my childhood ... I remain a child at heart, eager to dream and create. Through my art, I seek not only to keep that spark alive within myself, but also to trigger or rekindle it within others, young and old.

—Matt Hoeker

BFA with Honors in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design